Rowing made EZ

A few years ago, when I was planning the “Old Man in a Boat Tour” as trip on European waterways, I went down to the US to test out the EZ Row system.  I particularly wanted a forward rowing system since I can’t turn my head very well due to a neck injury and I sort of like the idea of seeing where I am going rather than where I have been!  The designer/inventor and builder (Ed Nemeth) is an old guy like me and I got to try it out rigged up on his canoe (the day after he had just completed a 72-mile race!).  I was sold – it is well machined and well thought out.  I ordered one, which fortunately took only about 3 weeks to come (at the time Trump was throwing tariffs on all things Canadian and I was afraid I would get caught in some sort of border/customs dispute).

It came in a big box and there were lots of parts:

        But I finally got it ready to test out (in my canoe). And rowed off into the sunset!  After two years of practicing with it on the canoe, all that remains now is to adapt it to the shape of a new boat (the Greta T).

Published by Ian C. Robertson

I am a retired Mathematics teacher and formerly a sailing instructor and Instructor-Evaluator with the CYA. I have been planning this fundraising trip for a number of years now, and despite setbacks - notably a cancer diagnosis and the pandemic - I am now at the building stages of a light, wooden, 16 foot rowing and sailing boat for the trip. The trip: 1,3000 km. along Lake Ontario, up through the Trent-Severn Waterway, along Georgian Bay to Lake Huron, through the St. Clair River, Lake Erie, alongside the Welland Canal and back onto Lake Ontario to get home to Grimsby! I am offering to match all donations to the WWF for this trip up to $8,000 and I hope and believe that there are lots of people who will support me and the WWF!

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