But what about the Pandemic?

I had not anticipated the serious situation Ontario finds itself in in early April 2021 and have been forced to adjust my plans several times and may need to, yet again, if this situation hasn’t improved by June when I hope to set out…watch this space.  What I can say is that I have been working on the boat in a safe way; I plan to be vaccinated before I set out and I plan to travel extremely safely by camping away from others and only travelling into towns/villages to get food and supplies. It may be that the only safe way to do this all is to do separate sections over this year and next – I have to be flexible and my goal is to keep myself and others safe while enjoying the trip and fundraising.  I hope others will see this in the same light and still support the project.

If you have questions or feedback to offer please get in touch with me through the contact form on the home page.

Published by Ian C. Robertson

I am a retired Mathematics teacher and formerly a sailing instructor and Instructor-Evaluator with the CYA. I have been planning this fundraising trip for a number of years now, and despite setbacks - notably a cancer diagnosis and the pandemic - I am now at the building stages of a light, wooden, 16 foot rowing and sailing boat for the trip. The trip: 1,3000 km. along Lake Ontario, up through the Trent-Severn Waterway, along Georgian Bay to Lake Huron, through the St. Clair River, Lake Erie, alongside the Welland Canal and back onto Lake Ontario to get home to Grimsby! I am offering to match all donations to the WWF for this trip up to $8,000 and I hope and believe that there are lots of people who will support me and the WWF!

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